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0-70 GPG Electronic Hard Water Conditioner

0-70 GPG Electronic Hard Water Conditioner

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SCALESWEEPER Eliminate hard Water problems that cause Lime Scale. No1 electronic salt free water softener alternative . Holmes Approved Tested Product. 10-Year Warranty. Scalesweeper ultimate plumbing and appliance protection eliminates lime scale residue caused by hard water without the use chemicals or salt. The electromagnetic waves generated by the computerized microprocessor stop Calcium and Magnesium molecules from bonding to everything throughout your plumbing ecosystem. SCALESWEEPER treated water prevents the formation corrosive green and white lime scale residue and dissolves pre-existing scale in your home. SCALESWEEPER stops scale buildup and scale corrosion inside all the pipes and valves in your home. When scale accumulates, it clogs and corrodes pipes, fixtures, and the critical components of your appliances. No more scale on sinks, faucets, toilet bowls, bathtubs, showerheads, glass, tile and windows. In your dishwasher glasses, plates and cutlery sparkle. The washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, water dispensers, humidifiers all work much more efficiently and require fewer repairs. SCALESWEEPER protects against scale buildup and scale corrosion 24/7 and works on galvanized, copper or PEX (plastic) piping. DIY installation, no plumber required.

Hard water levels up to 70 GPG (1200 PPM) if no iron problem (orange stains)
Can treat 1,680 Gal. of water an hour in any size home
10-year?warranty?/ 100% satisfaction?guarantee
Indoor DIY installation on outside of pipe -15 minutes no pipes to cut no plumber required
Holmes?Approved product
INRS tested and certified

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